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GLI at the UN - CSW64 (GLIUN64)

This course is for GLI delegates to the United Nations 64th Commission on the Status of Women in March of 2020.
  • Schedule, Contact Info & Logistics
  • Welcome CSW64 Delegate
  • Your First Day of the CSW sample
  • Staff Contact Information & Delegation List
  • Location, Maps, and Directions
  • Around NYC
  • CSW64 at the United Nations
  • What is the United Nations?
  • What is the CSW?
  • GLI at CSW64
  • CSW64 Theme
  • What was Beijing Declaration?
  • Point 12 of the Beijing Declaration: The girl child
  • Theme Question
  • What is the Working Group on Girls?
  • WGG CSW59 Girls Statement
  • WGG Statement for CSW 64
  • Questions WGG Statement
  • UN Women's Generation Equality Forum
  • Open Letter regarding Standalone Coalition on Girls
  • Generation Equality Forum Questions
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Advocacy Teams
  • Your Advocacy Team
  • Your Advocacy Team's Timeline
  • Get to Know Your Team Members
  • Explore the Issues as they relate to the Beijing Declaration
  • Choose Your Advocacy Team Issue
  • See You at the Welcome Meeting
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed